Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Tämä sivusto on pääsääntöisesti suomenkielinen, mutta aikoinaan kirjoitin alla olevan tekstin englanniksi, joten tätä voidaan pitää poikkeuksena kielen osalta. Siirsin kirjoituksen vanhalta sivultani tänne muistutukseksi itselleni.

Gear Acquisition Syndrome:

Phase 0:
You bought yourself a camera. A fairly good point-and-shoot, that is more than good enough for majority of people. If you belong to that majority, congratulate yourself. This is not a real GAS-Phase.

Phase 1:
You get bitten by the photography-bug. You have learned a trick or two, and want to get a bit more control over the shots you take, and you are confident, that point-and-shoot is not good enough anymore. You will buy a nice entry-level SLR. You do not want to spend too much money on your new hobby, so the kit-lens is for sure all you need.

Phase 2:
Long zoom. Everybody needs a long zoom. After all, those are actually quite cheap. You will go and buy one. And a tripod, naturally. Everybody knows tripod is needed with a long telephoto-lens. And a wireless remote for sure is handy.

Phase 3:
You have realized, that you definitely need a good flash. That in-camera flash is useless. You know that, even though you have not used it. Anyway, you will go and buy yourself a nice big flash. That’ll keep your happy – about a week or so.

Phase 4:
You have figured out why that long zoom was so cheap in the first place. By now you have spent so much time in various web-sites, that you know, a good, fast prime is all you need. You’ll get one.

Phase 5:
It’s not the body, it’s the lens. Invest on a good, well-built lens, and you will see the difference. Nobody else won’t.

Phase 6:
That small entry-body looks actually quite ridiculous with that huge piece of glass attached to it. It definitely needs to be upgraded…

Phase 7:
No – no new body. You’re a realist. Body in not the issue. After all – it’s photography, not anatomy we’re talking about. More good quality glass is what you need. Definitely. By now you’ve also noticed that none of your old filters fit those new lenses. Never mind. Filters are cheap, compared to investments you’ve made on lenses. Are those more expensive filters better?

Phase 8:
With all those lenses you have, you feel quite happy that you did not upgrade your body earlier. It’s not a better body you need. You’ll need another body. You’ve spent way too much time changing lenses on the one you have. Naturally it makes no sense to buy similar body than the one you already have, because there are newer and obviously better alternatives available. Those might be a slightly more expensive, but so what – life is.

Phase 9:
To be continued. (If I have the courage to post the next ones I’ve written.)

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